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关于我们 Company Profile

Company Background

Shenzhen Smoqie Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2015 and we're located in Bao'an District, Shenzhen. We're mainly engaging ourselves in the research, development and manufacturing of electronic vape products. 

Now we have more than 40 members in R&D, Quality Control, E-liquid Testing, Engineering, and Marketing departments, and the team is still growing. 

Our principle is to cooperate with our clients honestly to achieve the win-win results and to encourage our team to innovate bravely and take the products' quality as the priority.

R&D Team

Our total R&D investment takes up about 15% of our company's annual revenue. Now we have more than 20 R&D and quality control engineers, and we can run over 8-10 projects per year.

We have a strong design and customization ability. The lead-time from concept to design takes 7 days, from design to prototype takes 15-20 days, and from design confirmation to product release only takes 2-3 months.

Quality Control

To strictly test and control the products' performance and flavors, we have prepared all the necessary testing equipment in our factory, including the e-cigarette smoke suction tester, transportation vibration table, battery testing machine, vapor detection machine, e-cigarette high-altitude low-pressure simulation test box, etc. We only allow the products to be shipped after they pass all these tests.

Main Business

Our business mainly includes two aspects. Except for our own brand-Vabar, we also work with our clients for ODM/OEM business.

Our brand VABAR was established in 2019. Under this brand, we already have Vabar Mini, Vabar Plus, Vabar One and COOVA. More products are coming in this brand.

We also sincerely welcome our customers to inquire about the ODM/OEM products. We have an experienced R&D, engineering and quality control team, which will give you a strong technical and manufacturing support.

Till now, the company is working with many excellent vape brands with a rich product range, covering most of the well-known brands in China, Middle East, South and East Asia, Europe, North and South America, Russia.

Work with us!

We are a loyal and friendly co-worker. We're open to listen to you, work with you, wishing we could contribute to each other!

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